Brian Kraft In Dr. Drew’s Life Changers

Dr. Drew invited Recording Connection COO, Brian Kraft on his show, Life Changers, wherein he gave an enterprising young filmmaker a scholarship to the documentary film making course at the Film Connection.

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Shooting Films on Location

Filming on location is the way to go in Hollywood when you shoot a movie. Why do such a thing? How about utilizing a studio soundstage to film a movie that would reduce the costs of filming? In many cases the answer is no.

While there are big studios who preserve a “New York” street from decades, it’s not the equal to the actual place when you are filming. If you pay close attention, you can probably tell when a studio has made use of its fake streets for a movie or television show. People w

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A Student Testimonial to Dispute the Recording Connection Scam

“A week or so ago, my mentor advised me that I would be ready to take on sessions as chief engineer. This Tuesday I was able to look after a session, as well as perform! This entailed recording guitars, vocals, midi sequencing, and rough mixing for the client. This whole process, from knowing audio basics, routing sound, and being literate on Pro Tools, has enabled me to move much further than I could have imagined. Furthermore, I have been asked to engineer more upcoming sessions, which I’m very much looking forward to.

The Recording Connection has enabled me to get straight into the professional studio environment and gave me the ability to prove myself, which I have taken with both hands and hope that I the next half of the course is as beneficial as the first half has!”

recording connection scam

I have a very good understanding why a number of people believe talks of a Recording Connection scam. Being skeptical is acceptable especially when it entails your future. I have enrolled and attended Recording Connection, so I will tell you upfront that it is NOT a scam.

It requires investing in your future, and as is usually the case some risk may be involved. Going to medical school is often a risk. So is law school. There may be no guarantees but Recording Connection is one of the best things I have invested in. Recording Connection is a business that must earn money like many other business and in order to be successful they must deliver or they will fail. As far as costs are involved, I found the versatile payment schedules and the overall cost to be worth it in the long run.

Yes, the expenses are similar to what you would pay to go to a community college, but think about it… if you know you want to go into the recording or music business, why would you go to some community college that does not specialize in the music business when you can Recording Connection and learn directly from dedicated industry pros? A good number of my friends went to costly music schools and when they graduated I am still better off than them. I love my job. I liked what I discovered at Recording Connection and can tell you there’s no Recording Connection scam.

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A Student Shooting Down the Recording Connection Scam

“The biggest reason I’m glad I picked Recording Connections is because it is so much more cost effective than the other recording schools that are offered. Through this very talented program, I got to be involved right away with real professional recording sessions, learning to be a recording engineer by doing the real thing!!! I was paying a fraction of the price for a more traditional college program just to be in some classroom environment with a bunch of other students mocking the real world experience. That was huge for me.

As The Recording Connection is typically a 6-month program, only after a couple of months into my apprenticeship training, learning the skills required for work in music industry, I was hired as a Test Engineer for Line 6, where I now specialize in digital modeling guitar amplifiers and the development of new technologies, attracting the industry’s best engineers and designers. I am very pleased with the foundation I received by going through the Recording Connection program.”

recording connection scam

I don’t know what all of the web gossip is regarding a Recording Connection scam. Do you people actually know how it works? How the whole Recording Connection student experience operates?

Right now I am a student in the Recording Connection program and can tell you that while it’s not like any other school I have been in, it is definitely not a scam. First, I did my homework before I registered, talked to a bunch of people who went through the course. I talked to previous students those who are impressed and those who weren’t. As a result, I knew exactly what I was acquiring when I began and since I did that, there is no way it is a Recording Connection scam.

A scam happens when a course or something makes a guarantee but never delivers on it. Recording Connection delivers exactly what they say they do – they deliver an opportunity to learn and work in active recording studios. Their promises do not include making you the next big thing.  Instead they promise to give you an opportunity on making it big. If you believe you get the same opportunity by reading books, then I wish you the luck. I wanted their help, their ability to guide me through the learning process, tell me what doors to knock on and how to be successful. The course is not tailor made for every single individual, in fact there are some points in Recording Connection that I am not delighted with.

Yet again, it’s not a Recording Connection scam. Yikes. I dislike that people call it that. I have thought about being in the recording industry since I was little and I know that Recording Connection is an valuable investment in my future.

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Recording Connection Scam – Is It Really True?

“I tried learning audio engineering on my own. The problem was, I essentially existed in a vacuum. I had some functional gear, and I read all the books I could find and scoured the internet for whatever scraps of advice were out there. My mixes didn’t improve. I spent a lot of time listening to music on my system, and my recordings on other speakers. I still couldn’t make professional mixes. I was frustrated and about ready to go back to the pharmacy when I discovered the Recording Connection with a random Google search.

Recording Connection gave me the basic and advanced skills of this trade. It gave me a foot in the door with a real studio, full of people who make a living doing what I wanted to do (which is not easy today!). It gave me a chance to meet the people who make the music I love, through every step of the process. It gave me a chance to prove your value to a very small, very tight-knit group of professionals in an industry that is outright hostile to most newcomers. Remember, at its heart, making records is a service industry. Be of service.

Today, I work as a freelance engineer, with opportunities to book sessions at several studios in the area, including the one I studied at whenever I would like. I am a business partner with my instructor, running a business we built together during my time with the Recording Connection. We record in just about any basement or garage we can fit into, as well as on stage and in local studios. I spend my day surrounded by gear, thinking about recording and ways to improve. And my mixes? A lot better.

All I can say to you is that this program is truly what you make of it. Reach as high as you dare. The Recording Connection has the potential to take you all the way.”

recording connection scam

There are undoubtedly a lot of scams out there right now, and it can be hard to tell what is legitimate and what is not. This is probably the best time to be a bit skeptic. We are on guard whenever something sounds too good to be true, and rightly so. Nevertheless, there is also a tendency to classify something as a scam simply because it takes an unconventional approach to a typical problem. Often, it’s best to do some research before deciding whether or not something is reputable. So let us present a question: is the Recording Connection scam true?

The Recording Connection takes an non-traditional approach to coaching in recording and engineering. Rather than take large amounts of tuition money to put the student into a crowded learning environment, Recording Connection costs much less to link students with real-world working professionals who mentor them in a structured and guided program. They continue to help the student with job placement once the course is complete. It’s not a distinct approach – it’s an ancient one. Years before the modern schools existed people perfected their skills using the mentor-apprentice approach. Use of this strategy in Recording Connection’s curriculum is obviously different than what is utilized in conventional schools. Nonetheless, this certainly doesn’t justify calling Recording Connection a scam.

There’s two key questions to ask when identifying whether the Recording Connection scam (or any other scam) is true:

1.Does the program perform? and

2.Does the organization deliver on its guarantees?

As to whether mentoring works, we only need to look at history. Certainly, mentoring is an effective approach. It has proved its worth before schools were built. One of Recording Connection’s studio mentor says, “The most satisfying thing for me is to see the students coming in here and then advancing, learning because they are actually performing things. They aren’t reading an out-of-date text book and sitting in a crowded school room.”

To prove that Recording Connection really delivers, a former student of the program said in an interview: I authored a resume and got the position as an intern almost instantly. The mentor-apprentice arrangement did open the doors for me by aiding me to land the job and after two months of being an intern I was offered a job.” interviewed the CEO of Recording Connection and drew this summary: “I realized after the interview that Jimi Petulla is not one of those guys who are intent on robbing money from people. He firmly believes in his solution, and clearly knows the role he plays. When the meeting was done, I was finally certain about Recording Connection being a feasible business model that can help shape the internship procedure in to something worthwhile.”

Taking these items into account, there is plenty of evidence to support that the Recording Connection scam is not true, but rather, Recording Connection is an innovative, legitimate approach to helping people find meaningful careers in the recording industry.

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David Jason – New London, Connecticut

entertainment career connection scam recording connection fraud

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Carl Stinson – San Fransisco, CA

recording connection fraud
recording connection reviews

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